Child Etiquette

 Child Etiquette 



Never talk back to older people, especially to your mother and father.

Never whine or frown when spoken to by your elders.

Never argue with your elders  they know best.

Never do anything that is forbidden by your elders.

Do as you're told in a pleasant and willing way.

Never contradict any one under any circumstances. It is very impolite.

Always greet members of your family when entering a room.

Always bid goodbye to members of your family when you leave a room.

Always rise to a standing position when visitors enter.

Never address a visitor until he has started the conversation.

Never interrupt a conversation.

Never allow your parents to bring you a chair and never allow them to get one for themselves. Wait on them instead of being waited on.

Talk in a low even voice.

Never run up and down the stairs or across the room.

Always give way to younger children. It is your duty to look after them.

Never retire without bidding family members goodnight.

Keep yourself clean and neat looking at all times.

Keep your hair combed, nails clean, and shoes looking nice.

Keep your clothes pressed and brushed.






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